🌺Aloha! Welcome to My Gecko House, and Mahalo for your interest.  After the Covid shutdown, I felt tired and restless just like many people. I took a sabbatical from teaching elementary school, which has turned into semi-retirement. I moved to the island of Oahu with my husband, who works for the National Park Service, and my cat Leo. Now I am living the Hawaii life with 3 cats, two chickens, and lots of other creatures! I enjoy traveling around the islands and admiring the natural beauty and variety of landscapes, plants, and animals. I have my iPhone with me everywhere so I take pictures of weird things I find on the beach, growing on trees, crawling on the ground, or swimming in the water.  I have printed photos and put images on things so I can enjoy them wherever I go. I had succulents and monstera leaves printed on bags at first, then decided I wanted to wear them, so I printed them on clothes and shoes. I love sharing these experiences with others, so after I made things for myself and giving the as gifts, I decided to start an Etsy store to make them available to others. And so My Gecko House was born! And yes, I really do live in a house full of geckos. They were here first, so I put up with their shenanigans 🦎